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“I now pronounce you Burger and Church”- McChurches could be coming your way


Kicking off #Feast4Jesus

Let’s look at this objectively. Churches want people. People love McDonalds. Let’s have McDonalds in churches. 


10,000 churches have closed down this year because they just weren’t able to afford the upkeep. A new group calling themselves the McMass Project aims to raise 1 million to buy a McDonalds franchise and build the McChurch- which is essentially a church with a McDonalds very, very close to it. Well, inside it technically. 

They’re on Indiegogo with their campaign that’s raised about $242 of their goal. What do you think? Can we ring the church bell with the golden arches? Cheese-us! 

Here are some Twitter-actions about #feast4Jesus: