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8 Fast Food Chains that are Rocking the Twitter World.


Some Fast Food Giants have just taken a liking to the little Blue Bird. From launching new menu items to running contests, these gentle giants have used Twitter to their advantage. We’ll keep the hype going and let you get to the end of the list to see who tops it! Tweet out! 

1. KFC with 702, 000 followers

#HowDoYouKFC has got tweeters sending in potentially viral videos all the time. KFC loves its fans back by giving away goodies and even scholarships to the Best Tweeter. 

2. Dunkin’ Donuts with 815, 000 followers    

#MyDunkin and you could be on TV! DD teams up with several other brands for cross promotion. 

3. Burger King at 967,000 followers 

#ChickenFriesAreBack was a snazzy Twitter tactic that BK launched  and within the first 72 hours it had a whopping 150,000 mentions. 

4. Taco Bell, 1.45 million followers 

Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos were promoted with Taco Bell merchandise with a Twitter contest called Scavenger hunt. And Oh, boy was it good! 

5. Pizza Hut at 1.06 million followers

Pizza Hut‘s “Shelfie” contest was on fire! They paired up with Blake Shelton and had a #BBqwithBlake for their fans.   

6. Subway with 2.14 million followers

Subway is gif-ing all over Twitter. They manage to keep the “fresh” going on by promoting their subs with homemade GIFs. 

7. McDonalds with 2.64 million followers

Nobody knows who these happy campers are. They came, they saw and they loved it. Though not many actual campaigns have taken off, McDonalds sure is popular on Twitter.   

8. Starbucks with 6.91 million followers

There’s something about the combination of a steaming hot cup of your favourite coffee and tweeting about it. So there you have it. Starbucks wins, tweets down. They cashed in on a lot of current issues like the East Coast Blizzard- #blizzard.