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Nugget Boy Finally Got His Nuggs! Sorry Ellen.


Unless you have zero access to Twitter, the Internet, and social media in general (basically, if you’re living under a rock), you must have heard all the free nugget stir cause by 16-year-old Carter Wilkerson, who asked Wendy’s what it would take for him to get a year’s supply of free chicken nuggets. Refresh your memory, if you need to.

Last month Wilkerson went on to accept Wendy’s challenge of raking in 18 million retweets and in the process endangered the position of Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie that held the record for the maximum retweets at 3.2 million at the time of Wendy’s challenge to the nugget-loving teen.

And while DeGeneres urged her fans – all in good humor, of course – to keep retweeting her selfie because wasn’t going to lose the top spot to some “nugget boy”, the Twitterverse understood the need for free nuggets better. And guess what? Wilkerson broke Ellen’s record on Monday at 3.4 million retweets (which now has climbed up to 3.5 million, by the way)!

Though that’s way less than 18 million, Wendy’s went ahead and gave Wilkerson his “free nuggs” as reward for beating Ellen’s record, as it had promised earlier. “So Carter…. ‘Consider it done’ on our end – you’ve more than earned our respect…and the nuggets,” wrote Kurt Kane, chief marketing officer for Wendy’s, in a statement.

And just like that, Carter Wilkerson’s undying love for chicken nuggets not just landed him on everyone’s social media feeds with the hasthag #nuggsforcarter, but has also won him 365 days worth of free friggin’ nuggets. That’s some determination right there!


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