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The Chennai Traffic Police partners with Zara, The Tapas Bar


‘[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y dad knows the head of the entire police department.’ ‘Either you let me go or I start dialing numbers, your choice’. You’ll do anything to worm your way out from the traffic policeman’s clutches, even if it means you’re going to have to lie or threaten. There is nothing stopping you from ignoring that red light or driving in the wrong lane. And you definitely don’t give a hoot if you drink and drive. After all, who’s going to reprimand you? The police? Zara, The Tapas Bar wanted to get a simple message across to its customers, and hopefully to the rest of the city –

Drink and get driven. Your time hasn’t come yet.

But they needed professionals to help them ensure that this message really sunk into people’s drunken heads, and for this they hired an expert, a master in the matters of death and time. And so Lord Yama, the God of Death lent Zara a helping hand.

He did what?

[pullquote]Even the strongest man fears a God, especially one who rules the underworld.[/pullquote] Imagine a situation where you’re guilty of a crime and lo and behold, you find Lord Yama, in his glittering garb, sitting in your backseat while carefully observing you. You’re bound to wet your pants. A traffic policeman dressed himself as the feared God of Death, and with the help of a sportive valet, seated himself in the backseat of a drunken customer’s car. One look at him and people screamed in terror. They opted to get driven by a cab after their shock subsided.

Through fear, and a touch of humour, the police gave them a life lesson they would never forget. This drama by the traffic police was extreme, but crucial to remind people that their safety must never be taken for granted. And you got a few laughs along the way, didn’t you?