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Opinion: Chicken Broth Smoothies – Brothies – Anyone?


There have been some pretty, ahem, unique food trends coming to the fore in the last couple of years (we’re looking at you activated charcoal). However, this lastest trend is truely bonkers. Food & Wine reported that award-winning Chef Marco Canora with his broth shop Brodo will now be offering up chicken broth smoothies, or brothies.

Brodo’s smoothies are blended with fruits, vegetables, coconut oils, and nuts and look like your average colourful smoothies, with one important difference – they’re chock-a-block full of stock (yes, that just happened). The three flavors available are Deep Purple, Everything Orange, and Garden Green, and while most of us would definitely have a hard time chugging a kale smoothie, these brothies may be even harder to swallow.

While the brothies were described by Maria Yagoda as “rich and savory and thick and sweet” we’re not really sure if this something we can get behind. I mean, what’s to say that someone won’t blend up a pizza next and call it a ‘smootizza’ (trademark pending).

One of the greatest, and most exciting things about eating food, apart from the flavor, of course, is the different textures that combine to create and enjoyable culinary experience and brothies bypass all of that. I think iI’ll wait until it’s absolutely essential to consume blended food (like when I have no teeth) and pass on the brothies till then.

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