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Looks Like The Activated Charcoal Food Trend May Not Be The Best!


It’s 2017 and there is literally a new food trend every day (okay, not every single day, but you get my drift). One trend that has taken the world by a storm is the activated charcoal trend that appeared (thankfully) as the antithesis to the unicorn food trend.

However, it turns out that it may not be all that good for you. The lead nutritionist at Body Balance Nutrition, Jess Campbell said the perceived benefits of activated charcoal were that it could alleviate gas and bloating, treat hangovers, reduce cholesterol and cleanse the digestive system. Unfortunately, she was sceptical about its true benefits.

Campbell cautioned that people on prescription medicines should tread carefully around activated charcoal as it could prevent medication from being absorbed properly. She said, “It’s particularly important for those taking the oral contraceptive pill. It is not recommended that you ingest activated charcoal within two hours of taking your regular medication.”

Campbell said there was no evidence to support claims that activated charcoal was beneficial for cleansing the bod and said it could actually restrict the body’s uptake of nutrients. Hence, she recommends sticking with green juice rather than black juice.

However, if you (or your Instagram feed) really can’t do without that charcoal latte or ice cream it’s best not to have it 2 hours after taking any prescription medication. Better safe than sorry!

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