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Oreo Is Releasing A Limited Edition Mystery Flavor


Oreo has released a flux of new flavours this year, and each flavour is different and exciting in its own way. However, their latest creation is both delicious as well as rewarding, monetarily rewarding. The ‘mystery’ biscuit being released by Oreo allows Oreo fans to guess the flavour in exchange for a $50,000 payout if they guess correctly.

While Delish and FoodBeast have already received the ‘mystery’ Oreo (complete with padlocked box), Delish decided it tasted like Fruit Pebbles and FoodBeast attributed the taste to Fruit Loops. From this, we can determine that a fruity flavour may be on the cards (yes, that’s sarcasm).

Mystery Oreos are due to hit stores Monday October 9th ?️?️‍♀️ Guess the flavor for a chance at $50k! ? #thejunkfoodaisle

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Both of the sites revealed that the cookies looked exactly like regular Oreos, so if you were hoping for a clue based on appearance then you would be disappointed. However, don’t give up hope, because come October 9th you can enter yourself in the sweepstakes for $50,000.

Unfortunately for us in India, the contest is only open to residents of the United States and Puerto Rico perhaps you could live vicariously through a relative and split the prize?

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