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Relish Luscious Kebabs With These 10 Amazing Recipes


Happy Kebab Day everyone! Originated in the Arabic regions, kebabs are succulent, delicious and simply awesome to eat if made right. Here are 10 recipes that not only can you make easily at home but they also depict how versatile this dish really is. So slice up some red onions and bring out the spicy mint chutney because we’re going on kebab trail.

Mutton Seekh Kebab Recipe

Mouth-watering seekh kebabs are excellent especially when eaten in rainy or cold weather.

Peshawari Chapli Kebab Recipe

Pakistan is known for its sumptuous cuisine and this chapli kebab is a must try!

Mahi Kebab Recipe

A delicious fish kebab recipe by Chef Joe Manavalan!

Tunday Kebab (Galouti) Recipe

If there’s a city in India known for its delectable Mughlai food, it is Lucknow. Here’s the Tunday Galouti Kebab recipe which are the most popular in the city.

Barrah Kebab Recipe

A delicious kebab which has originated in Iran is now known world over now. Try this finger licking recipe!

Kaghzi Kebab Recipe

For those who like chowing down on drumsticks will love these luscious Kaghzi Kebabs.

Kakori Kebab Recipe

Yet another delicacy from Lucknowi, this kebab is believed to have been originated in the royal kitchens.

Lamb Shish Kebab Recipe

Perfect kebabs for when guests are coming over. Impress them with these delish shish kebabs.

Rajma Galouti Kebab


Like we said, kebabs are versatile and can be made using kidney beans. A perfect, soft and delicious vegetarian version of the galouti.

Soya Seekh Kebab Recipe

Whoever said kebabs can’t be healthy? Here’s lovely, tasty soya seekh kebab recipes that are just as delicious as the meaty versions!

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