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Rumour Has It, There’s A New Flavour Of Oreos Coming Soon…


Oreo might be the most adventurous brand in food, because they’ve tried literally every flavour you could think of. Whether or not it’s a popular flavour and whether or not people actually want it, Oreo is going to give it to you.

Add to that long list of adventurous flavoured biscuits, you have Apple Pie Oreos.

Nabisco, the parent company of Oreo, is apparently looking to release this brand new flavour. According to Junk Banter on Instagram, this new flavour will more than likely feature an apple pie flavoured creme sandwiched between vanilla cookies. Honestly speaking, they look a lot like the Golden Oreos which came out earlier this year, so what makes them so special besides the flavour?

And that’s not all that Oreo is doing, clearly, they’ve just tied up with Milka to introduce Oreo Candy Bars, which actually look pretty good. Sure, you could make your very own Oreo Candy Bars at home, but why go through all that trouble when someone else can do it for you, right?

So far, the reports don’t say when and where you’re going to be able to find this interesting new flavour, but keep a look out and we’ll keep you posted as well.To be fair, it’d make a great accompaniment with a warm glass of hot chocolate or some tea this winter.