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A Step-by-Step Guide to the Ultimate Snack – A Cookie Waffle


“What do you want for dessert, sweetie?”
“Mom, I can’t decide. I really want to have a waffle but a cookie also sounds tempting. I think I’ll get a cookie. No, wait. I think I’ll get a waffle. Oh my god, I can’t decide”.
“Well, you have to. Pick one.”
That’s where we come in. Why make her choose when she can have both. Yes, that’s right. Behold – The Cookie Waffle. Part cookie, part waffle. And it’s delicious.

And here’s how you make it.
What you need:
1)     A waffle maker
2)     Pre-made cookie dough
3)     Cooking spray

Step 1: Grease both halves of the waffle maker

Step 2: Add several pieces of cooking dough

Step 3: Press down each piece until the entire surface is covered

Step 4: Turn on the waffle maker and let it cook for 2 – 4 minutes. Check to make sure it isn’t burning

Step 5: Scoop out and add a dollop of ice cream and hot sauce.

 Voila – Your daughter’s prayers have been answered. Bask in all that glory.