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Samsung’s INR 2.8 Lakh Smart Fridge Is A Gadget From The Future


Gone are the days of primitive food refrigerators that required separate speakers, sticky notes, memos, and screens to do separate tasks. Electronics giant Samsung has announced the launch of its revolutionary (read, futuristic) refrigerator – Family Hub – in India!


The Next Generation Fridge

The super smart next-gen double door gizmo will come fortified with not only superior cooling abilities but it will also feature cameras, speakers, and a 21-inch touch display that will let users compile shopping lists, reading out schedules and even watch videos and listen to music while they chill their food and drinks. Needless to say, Samsung is offering all these tech advancements for a hefty price tag that reads a whopping INR 2.8 lakh.

But hey, with a long list of mind-blowing features like controlling other connected appliances like washing machines and smartphones from the Family Hub screen, using the built-in ‘view inside camera’ to virtually label things inside the fridge with their expiration dates, the price is somewhat justified.

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Moreover, the fridge’s digital assistant, Bixby, can also recognize individual voices and accordingly provide personalized information based on the speaker’s preferences.

“Users can ask ‘Hi Bixby, what’s new today?’ and it will provide a readout of the news, weather, and calendar updates”, added Samsung India Director (Consumer Electronics Business) Saurav Katyal, who also believes that the Indian consumer is looking for features beyond refrigerating when buying a new fridge. And surely, Samsung is more than delivering to such consumers!

What do you think? Is this INR 2.8 lakh fridge a promising gateway to the future or is it just another fancy overpriced kitchen gizmo? Let us know in the comments below.

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