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5 Tips to Clean Your Refrigerator off Odours


Refrigerators are awesome when they store your food but not so cool when they start smelling terrible. It is even worse when the food catches the smell of other decaying food. Using harsh industrial chemicals to clean the refrigerator often leave behind their own peculiar smell which mixes with the food. We give you five tips to help you get your refrigerator sparkling clean and rid of the smells that haunt it.

But before you do remember to unplug your machine and empty out all the contents. Throw away anything that smells bad, looks bad and has expired. Pull out all the removable parts, such as shelves and trays and let them come to room temperature before cleaning them with a mild soap. Leave them to dry and get down to cleaning your refrigerator.

1. Baking Soda


Mixing equal parts baking soda and water will give you a solution to clean your refrigerator inside -out. Using a soft non-scratch sponge wipe clean the inside of your refrigerator. If there are old stains you’ll have to put in a little muscle grease to work the stain off but it will come off. For the outside of the refrigerator you do the same just make sure you go with the grain of the door if it is a steel finish. In case of an enamelled exterior you can simply use a mild chemical cleaner or continue using the baking soda. Once you are done with the baking soda cleanse take a wet towel and wipe out all the surfaces you just cleaned. Also, keeping an opened, marked box of baking soda helps absorb the smells in your refrigerator. All you have to do is change it every month.

2. White Vinegar


Equal parts white vinegar and warm water will give you a solution to clean out your refrigerator. Use this the same way as the baking soda and water solution. Remember to wipe down the fridge with a wet cloth when you finish.

3. Vanilla


The nasty smell in the refrigerator can be quickly fixed by using a little vanilla to wipe the insides of the fridge. Do not use too much! A couple of drops with water are about enough for a medium sized fridge. You can soak cotton balls with this solution and place it in the refrigerator when in use. Vanilla covers any bad smell that accumulates with its fresh scent.

4. Orange slices


When you stock your refrigerator and need a quick smell check, cut up orange slices and lay them in a plate in your refrigerator. The orange will lend it’s fragrance to the refrigerator and absorb all the bacteria and bad smell, leaving you with a fresh smelling device.

5. Coffee


Keep a bowl of freshly ground coffee in your refrigerator and have all the bad smell out within hours. Coffee absorbs the bad odours that accumulate because of old food, expired products and or spills that have not been cleaned up. Remember not to drink this coffee, instead mix it up with a little mud and you have compost for your garden plants.

Remember to keep your food stocked in sealed containers and wipe off any leaks and spills right as they happen or the time when you see them. Cleaning your refrigerator once every month is recommended. It doesn’t take too long and it’s the best way to plan your monthly grocery purchases.