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The Taste Nirvanaah Trail By Marriott Left Us In A State Of Trance


The Taste Nirvanaah Trail organised by Marriott International Inc. is a culinary journey that takes you to a whole new world. It is a treat to all your senses and is an escapade of its own kind. The chefs at Marriott are true artists skilled at curating awe-inspiring experiences. An ode to them, Taste Nirvanaah is a cinematic experience where Food and Art come together as a homage to Marriott’s culinary mavens.

We kicked off our Nirvanaah Trail from Downtown, Courtyard by Marriott, Gurugram where Chef Shailender Khanna delighted us with his signature Parchment Baked Lamb Dish, a healthy meal using ‘Australian Lamb’ as the main ingredient. He gave us a sneak peek of his live station and walked us through the entire recipe step-by-step (Watch the live video here). Chef Shailender has been enchanting his diners with his mouth-watering repertoire for more than 12 years. One of the main accolades under his belt has been the privilege of catering to the President of Sri Lanka and the Australian and Italian Ambassador. His excellent culinary skills were pretty evident from the way he showed us how he prepares this complex dish with such ease and simplicity.

The Parchment Baked Lamb literally gave us a taste of Nirvanaah. As soon as we opened the parchment paper – the aroma of the herbs, the charredness of the vegetables, the hint of lemon that was added during its prep, the flavour of olives and the juices of the lamb were all intact inside the parchment.

After the delicious yet extremely healthy lunch meal, we moved on to our next destination for an indulgent dinner meal Nook, Aloft Aerocity. Its avant-garde interiors definitely deserve a mention, it has a modern urbanesque tech-savvy environment perfect for the new-age social traveller. Executive chef, Saurabh Srivastava was waiting for us at his live station all set up for The Juicy Juicy Lamb Burger. Chef Saurabh is a true culinary spearhead and an artist with food. His pizazz revealed itself when he so passionately walked us through the entire recipe of the dish (watch the live video here).

The main ingredient in this dish was the Australian Lamb just like our lunch but the calories in this dish were probably shooting through the roof making it the most indulgent meal we have had in ages! The dish consisted of a juicy lamb patty which was deep fried and then stacked on a burger ( Black Charcoal Bun, Yellow Saffron Bun or a Red Beetroot Bun ), along with a fried egg sunny side up and some bacon which was cooked to crispy perfection. The burger was served with a plate of extravagant fries and potato wedges covered in different types of sauces.

Both the restaurants had hospitality like no other and the food, well, let’s just say we have finally attained Nirvanaah.

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