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Would You Trade A Car For A Sachet of Szechuan Sauce?


It’s official. This Szechuan Sauce business is getting out of control and Rick and Morty is to blame (okay, McDonald’s as well). Last week there were people standing in lines for hours hoping to get a taste of that ‘Mulan McNuggets sauce’ and before that Deadmau5 bought a bottle of Szechuan Sauce on eBay for nearly $15,000!

Recently, a video circulated of a man selling McNuggets with a dip of Szechuan Sauce $10 a pop! Madness I tell you! However, it looks like the craze is far from over, as, in a shocking turn of events, a man has actually traded in his car for a sachet of Szechuan Sauce!

The Trade

Rachel Marie, the new owner of the vehicle, only wanted to trade the package of Szechuan Sauce for some collectible pins. However, Duane Kimmel didn’t have any pins (but, by golly, he wanted that Mulan McNuggets Sauce) so he offered a 2004 Volkswagen Golf GTI instead.

While Rachel admits that she was hoping for the best about the pins, she never thought she would get a car out of the bargain. We hope that Duane is as happy with the Szechuan Sauce as Rachel looks with the car but we doubt it, because McDonald’s recently announced that they were bringing the sauce back this winter which he could have enjoyed without trading a car. We suppose he couldn’t wait that long!

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