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Are ya Ready Kids? Time for some Funagrette!


Funagrette is here. Yup, it’s now time for some Fun. 

What’s all this fuss about salad dressings? Chef Kidd has answered that question that’s always been on your mind: “Why don’t salads taste like Pizza?”. He thought, “Oh yes, there is a way to make salad taste like pizza!”. No, he didn’t make a pizza salad. What he did make were Salad dressings that taste very close to the real thing. Yes, salad dressings that taste like pizza, PB&J, coco berry and lime rickey. (Who or what is Rickey and why is he in my salad?) 

It’s a move to get kids to eat salads and diversify from their fried thingamajigs and of course, drink their dressing. But how does it taste? 

The Folks from NPR weren’t a big fan. “This isn’t a way to get kids to like salad. It’s a way to get them to hate pizza.” Who knew that ‘pizza’ and ‘hate’ can exist in the same universe? 

What do you think? Are we turning any “Yucks into Yums”?