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Yay or Nay: Oreo Cadbury Crème Eggs #POLL


Just when we were done lapping up the last of our holiday candy stock, the confectionary aisle was hit by a number of ground-breaking innovations (yes, Cadbury Silk Oreo, we are looking at you). And while our mind was recovering from that happy surprise, the Internet dropped yet another bomb on us – the Oreo Cadbury Crème Eggs! That’s right, Canada and Britain have been munching on these heavenly sounding chocolates for almost a year now! Read all about it here.

And if you’re wondering, here’s what the egg-shaped wondrous things look like:

Thanks to Junk Banter, the world is now a more informed place and we finally know what to ask our NRI relatives coming from England and Canada to bring us! So, what do you think? Are these Oreo-filled Dairy Milks a good idea? Cast your opinion vote below!

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Featured Image: Mashable

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