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Zico’s Tender Coconut Water Might Be The New Coca Cola.


Fashioned to cater to the Indian market, Zico which is a US based packaged tender coconut water drink is being launched by Coca-Cola to compensate for the lack of sales of sugary, fizzy drinks in recent times. A large number of people have shunned the likes of Coco Cola and Pepsi from their diet in India owing to its high sugar content that remains a threat to general heath.

Packaged coconut water is one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the world and in India it debuted itself on the basis of the 2013 deal with Coca Cola .In a world that is leaning towards organic and sustainable living, Zico proves itself to be a drink of replenishment and good health.

 Zico also produces quality products as the key ingredients are procured from a source in Thailand which gives 2.9 fluid ounces of delicious coconut water. “We think our new packaging is absolutely beautiful, but what we’re even more proud of, is what’s inside the bottle,” said Lorna Peters, ZICO Chief Marketing Officer. “At ZICO, we go to work every day with the goal of making the best coconut water on the planet, and have gone to great lengths to source tasty, crisp not from concentrate coconut water.”

With health activism and environmental activism taking the forefront in India , Unions in Tamil Nadu  have hosted large scale boycotts of the two soft drinks made by the companies, Coca Cola and Pepsi as their manufacturing environmental cost is extremely high with the factories tapping groundwater extensively leading to drought in certain rural areas.