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10 Amazing Vending Machines that Dispense More than Just Candy


Vending machines are amazing things aren’t they? They are like boxes of Santa’s bag, except we need to pay a small little price other than being good for the whole year. Insert your coin, choose the object of your desire and presto – you watch it fall into a little chute of goodiness. 

Vending machines are the product of convenience and we have long enjoyed them in our office pantries, at our train stations and airports. They normally dish out candy, cigarettes and in some cases, coffee

But these beautiful vending machines around the world dispense some weird and fantastic stuff. Let’s take a look shall we? 

Burrito Vending Machine

Yes, that’s right. This amazing machine uses 100% natural ingredients and offers up to five different kinds of burritos, including: roast potato with egg and cheese, egg and cheese with uncured bacon and three other options that lead with chorizo, chicken and shredded beef.

Farmer’s Fridge Vending Machine 

So instead of junk like candy, coffee or pizza, this vending machine dispenses fresh foods that are absolutely good for you. 

Mashed Potato Vending Machine 

If we had the option, we would buy this for our office. We absolutely love mashed potatoes and this machine does the lovely job of shelling out mashed potatoes with gravy and if you happen to be a mashed potato addict you can even order them up with ice cream and drink with a straw. This lovely machine is in Singapore. 

Caviar Vending Machine 

This is the next step into luxury vending machines. The machine shelves caviar that cost up to $500 for an ounce. Thankfully, it accepts credit cards. 

French Fries Vending Machine 

Oh, we could think of so many places to put this in! The machine kicks out fresh fries in just over a minute. It also fries the potatoes fresh giving them that distinct fatty crispness that we associate with a good fry.

Champagne Vending Machine 

This machine was spotted last year located at Selfridges, an upmarket department store in London. It offers mini bottles of Moet & Chandon for £17.99 (an estimated $30) and is the World’s first Champagne Vending Machine. 

Pizza Vending Machine 

This machine will make you a pizza from scratch, from dough to applying sauce, toppings and even baking it in an oven and it does this in three minutes. Please get us one!

Baguette Vending Machine 

Get your favourite French baguette at any time of the day at this handy vending machine. 

Lettuce Vending Machine 

Why would we need lettuce from a machine? Well, we don’t know, but it could always come handy when your planning to whip up that surprise salad! The machine uses fluorescent bulbs to churn out 60 heads of lettuce per day.

Hairy Crab Vending Machine 

This machine in China dispenses live hairy crabs. The low temperatures of the refrigerated unit keep the crabs alive but dormant. Um, okay.