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10 Cold Drinks To Keep You Warm This Winter


Snuggling up with a mug of your favorite hot drink in winter is the dream. And there is nothing that can beat the warmth of hot cocoa, a comforter and a FRIENDS rerun. But winter also calls for a bunch of reasons to party – Christmas and thanksgiving we are looking at you. So here are 10 cocktails that may look chilly on the outside but will keep you warm from the inside.


  1. Christmas Rum Punch

Get in festive mode with this fruity, spicy punch.


  1. Winter Kiss Martini

Shake up some mint syrup, cranberry infused vodka and cognac for a wintry cocktail.


  1. Brandy Crusta

A fancy liquor pervaded drink with a dash of lime to warm you right up!


  1. Pumpkin Spiced Rum Old Fashioned

The flavors of winter with love from the bartender.


  1. Christmas Sangria

This is what Santa and Mrs. Clause serve up during parties


  1. Sour Apple Martini

Shake up that cocktail – and yourself – real nice with this sour potion.


  1. The West Wind

This drink is on fire! Literally. And it’ll do the keeping warm job just about perfectly for you.


  1. Apple Cinnamon Fall Sangria

This sangria shouts out winter with its cider-fused taste.


  1. Chancellor Cocktail

A classy cocktail to get you through the party without chattering your teeth.


  1. Hennessy Shanghai

Cognac and ginger ale come together to create a magical and powerful drink.


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