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10 Healthy Muffin Recipes For The Muffin Dance


Eating healthy gives us more to look forward to than just a happier lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to go clean with eating, eat light, get in shape, or just live a balanced lifestyle, healthy eating goes a long way and you will be thankful for all of it’s benefits! Eating healthy has been known to reduce stress while making you feel light, energetic and brighter. You’ll love the way you look when you pack in those nutrients that boost your health and leave you glowing at the same time. And don’t forget, healthy food is really tasty too! You’ll agree with us when you try and taste these oh-so-fabulous muffin recipes!


1. Banana Oat Muffins

Go bananas with this incredibly healthy recipe for banana muffins with oats! It goes great with breakfast, a power shake, or just as a quick morning snack!


2. Blueberry Muffins

This is Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipe for the healthiest blueberry muffins ever! Ever wanted to be as fit as she is? Well now you can start with this muffin recipe. Go ahead, make them!


3. Apple Banana Muffins

Ever wondered what kind of treats a supermodel snacks on? Here it is! Miranda Kerr’s ever-so-popular apple banana muffin recipe! Super healthy and super tasty too!


4. Vegan Raspberry Muffins
They’re gluten free, they’re egg-less, and they’re vegan! Could you ask for a healthier muffin? We think not! Head over to the kitchen and get baking right away and say hello to the healthiest raspberry muffins ever!


5. Double Chocolate Muffins

Did you know you can enjoy some super chocolaty muffins while still staying healthy at the same time? It’s true! This recipe for double chocolate muffins allows you to indulge in this sweet, chocolate-filled treat without the guilty feelings that follow. The secret? No butter and no oil.


6. Low-Fat Breakfast Muffins

Thanks to nutritious and flavourful add-ins like carrots, banana, and raisins, these muffins are super moist even though they are low in fat, and they’re super healthy too!


7. Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin muffins can be enjoyed as a yummy breakfast treat or a snack any time through the day! They’re very easy to make and extremely delicious too!


8. Banana-Blueberry Muffins

These banana-blueberry muffins bake to a beautiful golden brown shade and are filled with flavour. You can make large batches and store them in your freezer for the perfect morning or afternoon treat.


9. Zucchini-Banana Breakfast Muffin

Say yes to these incredibly moist and delicious muffins! Why? Because they’re not just low in fat but also high in omega-3s from the nutritious flax seeds. What’s more, you don’t even need a blender to make this simple, tasty treat.


10. Gingerbread Muffins

These healthy gingerbread muffins are made with coconut oil, whole wheat flour, and NO refined sugar! Instead, it calls for some natural maple syrup and molasses for that heart-warming flavour. These muffins are great for breakfast or a quick snack and they fill your home with a lovely gingerbread aroma!


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