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11 Best Ever Indian Fish Recipes Everyone Should Try


1.Kerala Fish Curry Recipe


Kerala Fish Curry Recipe with step by step.Learn how to prepare the most famous Kerala red fish curry recipe ever.Try this your sunday special.

2.Tawa Fish Fry RecipeTawa-Fish-Fry

This tawa fish fry recipe is modelled after Amritsari fried fish – a spicy, masala coated fish fry that is a popular street food in North India, especially in Punjab.Serve this fish fry as a starter with chutney or as a side dish with a North Indian meal.

3.Fish Moilee Recipe


Fish moilee or fish moolie is a popular South Indian dish made using fish fillets and coconut. In Kerala, where it is especially popular, it is sometimes known as fish molly.

4.Indian Tandoori Fish Recipe


Delicious tandoori style fish.

5.Sarsoon Machhi Recipe


Sarsoon machhi or sarson machhi is a typical Bengali fish dish with mustard flavours. Fresh fish such as hilsa tastes best in this recipe.

6.Yogurt Fish Recipe


This recipe is an adaptation of Doi Maach, a traditional Bengali fish recipe. While the traditional recipe calls for allowing the fish to marinade in spices for a couple of hours, this takes the marinating time out, making it a quick mid-week recipe.

7.Amritsari Fish Recipe


Fried fish straight from Amritsari streets!

8.Fish Korma Recipe


A rich, spicy fish korma.

9.Fish Pakora Recipe


Some delicious, warm pakoras for winter.

10.Indian Fish Curry Recipe


A spicy Kerala fish curry.

11.Machhi Ka Salan


A spicy, simple fish curry.

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