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3 vs Godzilla Dosa


There is a craving in town, and politicians are stuck wondering how to solve the problem.

People want more dosas and they want it now.

VGP Annachi Dosai Kadai has always had an ‘I dare you’ approach, and this time the challenge was as outrageous as ever! ‘3 vs Godzilla dosa’ was what they called this competition.

The contest was held on 3 consecutive holidays; 15th-17th August.

1 team.

3 members.

An 8 feet stuffed dosa.

And a 30 minutes time limit.

The fastest team to finish the dosa, would claim the win. To emphasize the massiveness of the challenge, the dosa got its nickname – ‘The Godzilla dosa’. Speed and consistency were the key points that were being tested through this match. An eye-popping 10,000 rupees was to be awarded to the quickest team.

Making of the Godzilla dosa

Be the fastest team to eat the #Godzilla dosa and win Rs.10,000! No, we’re NOT kidding. You heard it right, alright!

The clock was ticking, the music was setting the rhythm and the crowd was sweating in anticipation. The participants, on the other hand, were hurriedly stuffing their faces with the stuffed dosa. The intensity of the challenge was fully understood only when the challengers were furiously making their way through the Godzilla dosa. Every second counted and yet every minute passed by very quickly.

3 vs Godzilla challenge

The ambiance was especially electrifying throughout the duration of the contest. Out of the several teams that participated, only 5 teams managed to finish the dosa within the half-hour mark. The ‘Dangerous Diners’ turned out to be the fastest team, and they bagged the cash for hogging the Godzilla in a  record time of 11 minutes.

Will there be a next time for such gutsy competitions? Yes. But considering the mischievous attitude of their chefs, there is bound to be some twist. Stay tuned.