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5 facts about whiskey that are really interesting!


With regards to discussing ‘whiskey’, there are just two extraordinary men in abstract history that we have confidence in. One is the legendary Mark Twain, who said: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough” and the other remarkable George Bernard Shaw, who pronounced the highly cherished drink best: “Whiskey is liquid sunshine,” he declared.

So here we are, with a list that will educate you with facts about this fabulous drink and help you impress anyone you are sharing this thirst-quencher with.

1) The most seasoned reference to the generation of whiskey is not indeed in Scotland, but in Ireland, where it is acknowledged that ministers started refining spirits as far back as the fifth century. The principal reference from Scotland is found in the Exchequer moves, the bookkeeping records for the imperial funds in 1494. Here’s a fun fact – the ‘rainbows’ Leprechauns are associated with are not real; drink a lot of whiskey and you’ll end up seeing more than just fancy rainbows.

2) The word whiskey originates from the Gaelic dialect, particularly the expression, “uisage beatha,” which in turn came from the Latin words Acqua Vitae or “water of life.” It is said that eight glasses of water a day is advisable for a healthier life. So, if an individual drinks six glasses of water and two glasses of whiskey at the end of the day, doesn’t it more or less have the same effect?

3) Scotland, the one and only – Did you know that the Scottish are the only people that say “whisky,” and the rest of us mere mortals spell it just sufficient with an additional “e.” Moreover, asking for a “scotch” implies you are alluding to Scottish whisky, that is, it must be produced in Scotland, matured for as long as three years in oak barrels, and takes after the norms of the Scotch Whisky Order 1990. Can the human race get any fancier than this?

4) There was a Whiskey Rebellion during George Washington’s rule, around 1794. The then government was confronted with upsetting national obligation after the war and wanted to force an assessment on refined spirits keeping in mind the end goal to produce more income. Saddling Whiskey, specifically, was met with dissent on the grounds that it was the most popular drink at the time, utilized for drinking, cooking, and therapeutic purposes as well and people were FORCED to drink eight gallons of it every day. (No, we just made that last part up.)

5) Did you know that drinking Whiskey is highly recommended for one’s well-being? Yes, you heard that right! Since it is refined from grains, it is low in cholesterol and fat. How do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger built his Mr. Olympia body? He drowned himself in it and called it “off-season dieting”. Sheesh! The things people do for a living. 😉