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7 International Snacks We Absolutely Need In The Indian Market


As kids the only reason we were excited about NRI relatives coming home was all the edible goods that they’d bring along – Hershey’s bars, Toblerone, candy jewelry and the likes. Given that most of the goodies have travelled the distance from Duty Free to our supermarkets, here are 7 grubs that we still miss on the confectionaries aisle.


  1. Jell-O

This flavored gelatin dessert has been doing the rounds on Pinterest, YouTube and Buzzfeed as so many snacks, shots and yummy desserts. It’s about time we too built up Jell-O edibles (no hard feeling Weikfield and Tops)!jello


  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Despite touching crazy high levels of sugar and fat, Reese’s Peanut Butter are one of the most delicious ways to put on holiday weight. Could the Indian supermarket aisles also see these confectionaries soon?fh-4001


  1. Lucky Charms

Because simply put, there is nothing better than waking up to marshmallow shaped lucky charms floating around in a bowl of milk!Lucky-01


  1. Flavored Kit Kat

Canada has a banana flavored Kit Kat; Australia has a honeycomb Kit Kat; UK has a TIRASMISU Kit Kat and let’s not even get started on Japan’s Kit Kat flavors! Why are we only choosing between the 2, 3 and 4 finger options?IMG_4703x


  1. Twinkies

Also known as a “Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling”, Twinkies are an American snack that is probably the reason for the national health average of the country. But if we can handle rasgullas and gulab jamuns then our midnight munchies can totally take on Twinkies!gty_twinkies_nt_130319_wblog


  1. Pop Tarts

These flavored toasted pastries draw their inspiration from the English minced meat pie. With a delicious sweet filing stuffed inside a thin pastry crust, Pop Tarts are one of the many gluttonies our diet is missing.we-ate-and-ranked-all-27-pop-tart-flavors


  1. Jaffa Cakes

A tad like chocopies, Jaffa cakes too comprise of a sponge cake covered in chocolate. Setting it apart and making it deliciously desirable is the classic zesty orange flavour.Jaffa

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