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A Bar In Chicago Is Doing A The Office Pop-Up Until September 3rd


The Office (the American version) flew a bit under the radar, possibly overshadowed by the likes of HIMYM, and Friends initially. However, it’s finally getting its just desserts in rave reviews after numerous streaming sites added the show onto their playlist.

Now, you too can channel your inner Dwight as Assistant to the Regional Manager at The Replay Lincoln Park, a bar that frequently does pop-ups. If you’re a big fan of The Office, you may remember August 24th, famously known as Pretzel Day (the only day that gets Stanley through the year). The Replay Lincoln Park did the whole shebang from 5 – 9 pm, where you could stand in line and get yourself a pretzel for a $1-2 donation (no cutting in line – PHYLLIS)!

The Office theme is only on until September 3rd, Labor Day so get yourself there ASAP or risk a serious case of FOMO! You can even put your (mostly useless) The Office knowledge to good use at their trivia nights which are happening on August 26th, 27th, and 28th!

The whole bar has been transformed into the Scranton Dunder Mifflin branch (boo Utica!) so you can take a seat at the desks, conference room, and break room (the annex isn’t really part of the office anyway). So, grab the Dwight to your Micheal before you find yourself screaming NO, GOD, NO!

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