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Mother Dairy Launches New TVC for its ‘CHILLZ’ Range of Ice Creams


Leading milk and milk products player, Mother Dairy, has launched a new television commercial (TVC) for its CHILLZ range of ice creams, targeting the peer group – emerging consumers of India. The new TVC with the tagline “Aapke Liye. Sirf Aapke Liye!” highlights the fact that these delightful ice creams, made of real milk are so delectable that it makes them  too good to share.

The campaign has been conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather, Gurugram, while the production has been executed by Chrome Pictures.


The new TVC is created with an insight to beat the heat with Mother Dairy’s CHILLZ range of ice creams. The unique product format of Mother Dairy ice creams are such that they provide an immersive multisensorial consumption experience and are meant primarily for individual indulgence. Added to this mix is a great ingredient story of these ice creams being made with real creamy milk and an abundance of chocolates, nuts, almonds and more; all of which truly make it a delight for the taste buds and an indulgence that is simply too good to share. While many may share a lot with their near ones, but ice creams, it turns out to be “Aapke Liye. Sirf Aapke Liye!”

Speaking on the Campaign Mr. Randhir Kumar, General Manager – Marketing (Dairy Products), Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd. said, “With the launch of Mother Dairy CHILLZ TVC we are targeting consumers who are fond of Ice-creams which are best to resist the heat in scorching summers. With growing urbanization and exposure to global trends, the consumer expectations have also evolved. As a consumer centric orgnization, we take the the onus of meeting those expectations on us. Mother Dairy’s CHILLZ range of ice creams offers bars and cones that are made from real creamy milk and superior ingredients, to truly delight their taste buds and entice consumption. With this commercial I am sure we would be able to soothe our consumers’ indulgence in varieties of CHILLZ ice-creams”.