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Amaze yourself with Amazon!


Are you upset that the chocolates you bought from Switzerland are no more? Cheer up for we know a way to get those chocolates back! In an era where everything from the taxi to food reaches your doorstep, certainly, we can make even chocolates fly down to your house. Here we have a list of items which you can get exclusively on Amazon and not at the supermarket in the next street.


Amazon offers cheap prizes on many kinds of chips. Plus, there are loads of varieties to choose from. Apart from lays and bingo that you can get from local stores, there are many other types of chips and brands to choose from!



Are you a lover of pretzels and can’t seem to find the titbits around much? Amazon has got it covered for you!



If you’ve ever been struck by a wave of nostalgia for the delicacies you had on your international trip, Amazon can help. You’re just a few clicks away from munching on your favourite chocolate.



You might not think to buy pasta online instead of at the grocery store. But Consumer Reports recommend you to start. Consumer Reports explain that the outcome is single packages of pasta that cost up to 50 percent less than the store.



Refinery29 points out that several kinds of snack-sized nut packs — such as Sahale nut blends and Wonderful raw almonds, come in bulk packs that can save you a significant amount of money.


6.Sushi supplies

Making sushi at home is a budget-friendly alternative to buying can save even more money by buying supplies, such as the wrappers and rice, in bulk on Amazon. (Obviously, we aren’t talking about the fish.)



One can find all kinds of cookies on Amazon. Be it chocolate chip, fruit or butter cookies there are so many brands to choose from. Just like chocolates, you can get international brand cookies right at your doorstep without even having to fly halfway across the globe.