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This Bacon 5K Will Get Bacon Lovers – Running!


Yes, you read that right. This world is home to a Bacon 5K which means bacon lovers will actually be running for their bacon! Allentown has an annual Bacon Run and they just finished their 4th edition. If you like bacon and don’t mind a little running (come on guys, 5k ain’t so bad) then you must sign up for next years event!

Here’s How It Works

Runners must run two and a half kilometres before a bacon lover’s dream halftime break. This break involves the runner eating half a pound of bacon before completing the last two and a half kilometres. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig right?

Well, wait, there’s more! After the run, you’ll be treated to a breakfast buffet with – wait for it – more bacon! But don’t worry, they’ll also have some other food items like eggs and maybe some fruit juice just to even things out a bit. So, bacon lovers, start training now! You can register for the Bacon Run for the small price of $39 which includes a T-shirt and of course, all that bacon!

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