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Inspired By Kung Fu Panda 3, McDonald’s India Releases New ‘Snackilicious Chinese Menu’


Have you caught Kung Fu Panda 3 yet? Can’t get enough of the adorable pandas that featured heavily in this movie? McDonald’s India will allow you to extend your fandom for all things Chinese with their ‘Snackilcious New Chinese Menu’.

Say Chinese!

The menu features McDonald’s products with Chinese flavours; to start your meal you can enjoy the Chilli Paneer pockets, followed by the McChicken Schezwan or the McVeggie Schezwan burger that makes use of one of Chinese cuisine’s most popular sauces. End your meal with the newest dessert on the McDonald’s menu; the McFlurry Passion Fruit, which carries refreshing flavours that will help you battle the onset of summer.

If the thought of a Schezwan burger wasn’t tempting enough, check out these tweets featuring Po and the new products that McDonald’s India has been sharing:

Can’t get enough? There’s also this recently released TVC for you to drool over: 

Don’t they have you drooling? Go ahead and visit McDonald’s before the film to speculate about what Po will get up to, or after the film to discuss the major plot points.

P.s If you just can’t get enough of Kung Fu Panda, why not try out a noodle soup recipe, inspired by the one they serve at Mr Ping’s noodle shop? Here’s the recipe.