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Bacon Lovers, It’s Time To Get Weavin’ With Some Bacon!


Hey you. Yes, you. We see you. We know the link had you drooling, but what you’re about to see will have you going crazy, like bacon crazy! You love bacon, that’s no secret. But, do you love the weave? Or better yet, heard about it? Tried it? No? Okay, well let’s get down to that now (but if you said yes, nothing wrong with making more of these again!). Bacon is one of the most juiciest and drool-worthy meats of all time and there’s no doubt it’s almost everyone’s favourite. A popular savoury item, bacon goes well with pretty much anything like your breakfasts (yes, that includes waffles, pancakes, and eggs!), your lunches, like sandwiches, and your dinners, like pastas and more. But there’s another awesome thing about this crazy meat – wrapping it. Admit it, wrapping bacon around your chicken, your hot dog, or anything else, just makes the dish so much better. And yeah, we’re definitely down for bacon-wrapped anything, any day! 

Here’s a simple video that shows you how you can make a bacon weave at home! 


Enjoy that bacon weave in your sandwiches, burgers (yes, they will never fall out!), and wrap them around meats too!