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17 Bacon Laden Recipes To Commemorate International Bacon Day


It’s true; there is a society of bacon lovers so big that there is a special day dedicated to it! The Saturday before Labor’s Day – that is, Bacon Day – every year perhaps sees the maximum sale of this meat. It doesn’t come as a surprise why it’s so widely loved. It’s perfect! Have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and starters and you still won’t get bored. These bacon-rich recipes will make sure you have plenty of reasons to gobble bacon round the year!


  1. Cheesy Bacon Bombs

It’s every bit as oozy gooey as the name!


  1. The Perfect Bacon Sandwich

It’s bacon and Jamie Oliver’s magic in one sandwich!


  1. Bacon & Egg French Toast

It’s a sin!


  1. Eggs in Bacon Baskets

This basket can never have too many eggs!


  1. Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast

Tender chicken breasts ft. Bacon. A definite chart topper!


  1. Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese

Sure shot recipe for decadence!


  1. Creamy Pasta w/ Chicken & Bacon Recipe

Farm edition of your favorite comfort food.


  1. Mini Bacon Egg Toast Cups

Why don’t we just head over to the sink and drool our glands out?


  1. The Bacon Bomb

One word, pork-ception.


  1. Twice Baked Bacon Wrapped Potato Boat

Now that’s what we call a life boat!


  1. Grilled Bacon Bowls

Oh. My. God. Completely bowled over!


  1. Bacon Jam

The only reason we’ll be having bread jam for the rest of our lives!


  1. Bacon Cheese Muffin

Muffin’s gonna change my love for you!


  1. Bacon & Egg Pie

An easy to make four-ingredient pie. It doesn’t get easier than this!


  1. The Ultimate Bacon & Leek Quiche

This is the quiche to a happy satisfied tummy!


  1. Sweet & Savory Candied Bacon

You mean now we can have bacon for dessert as well? *faith in food fortified*


  1. Pancacon: Pancakes & Bacon

Must make and consume ASAP!


If you haven’t yet drowned in your own drool, head over to your meat shop and fix yourself with a helping of some of these bacon dishes. It’s bacon day good people, eat up!




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