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When Carbonated Brands Add More To Their Product Offerings


Coca Cola recently announced that they’re going to be releasing bottled coffee in 2017, which follows their plans to launch healthy snacks and fruit juices into the market. This is a huge step for the beverage giant, because ever since they launched the brand, they’ve been known for their fizzy carbonated cola. But now, they’re making a change and it’s a really big change. One that people all over the world will definitely be excited about. This development comes at a time when everyone world over is starting to add taxes and rules about the sale of junk food, sugar added drinks and anything else that is considered “unhealthy”.

This is a smart move from brands, because they now reach a wider audience and more people around the world will start to respond positively. In England, there’s a tax on carbonated drinks to cut down on how much soda and other cola products students in school consume. Internationally, it has always been known that everybody drinks dark colas with their meals. Movies and television shows have portrayed the youth of those countries drinking bottles of different colas at a time. Multiple cocktails around the world also use these carbonated drinks and other fizzy products to complete it.

From This To That

The change definitely comes at a right time and more over, it also allows the brands to reach a wider audience. Despite being one of the leaders in the food and beverage markets, carbonated beverages still don’t reach everybody in the world. For various reasons like their products being too expensive, horror stories from regular customers, unavailability in areas and of course all the new taxes being implemented. While bottled coffee might still not be something that people can afford or want to spend their money on, the branching out into healthy snacks and packaged fruit juices is always a plus point.

Granted, fruit juices aren’t exactly a healthy option, but it’s definitely healthier and better for all than the regular carbonated beverages taking over the market. Add to that the fact that Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are branching into the healthy snacks department and you can tell that they’re finally waking up and smelling the coffee (pun intended!).

Whether or not these new products will make the impact they’re hoping is still up for debate, but this decision is definitely a strong one. Years ago, Starbucks released their Frappucinos in glass bottles that could be bought at any grocery store as well as their outlets around the world. Then they released the Doubleshot Espresso in cans, which finally got a bottle release this year. There are tons of other brands that have released bottled coffee products including the Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino and Illy Issimo Cappuccino and the Rockstar Roasted Caffe Latte With Almond Milk.