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Which Of These Celeb Chefs Is Your Favorite? #POLL


Cooking food is an art, which makes every chef on the face of this planet – even your street side food vendor – an artist. While all artists are equally valuable, there are some that have over the years and over a course of generous airtime have become favourites across the world. Yes, we are speaking of the highly sought after celebrity chefs.

Now, one doesn’t necessarily need to have an entire TV show to themselves to be termed “celeb chef”, as long as your restaurant is roping in Michelin stars, A-listers and rave reviews, you’re a celebrity. For example, Gordon Ramsay’s with his multiple shows and YouTube episodes is a celebrity cook, but so is Chef Nobu Matsuhisa who has zero airtime but a world class restaurant and impeccable black cod cooking skills, which also put him in the “celeb” category.

So, if you had to pick, which of the celebrity chefs’ would you dine at? Vote and let us know!

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