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Coke v/s Pepsi: What’s Your Favourite? #POLL


If you like carbonated beverages, raise your hands! Now, if you’re scrolling with your toe right now then you’ve probably at least once in your lifetime cringed on one of the following questions asked at restaurants:

  1. “Sorry, we don’t have Coke, is Pepsi okay?”
  2. “Sorry, we don’t have Pepsi, is Coke okay?”

Is it okay? IS IT OKAY? Heck no, it’s not okay! I wanted a particular brand of black carbonated water, how hard is that?

But seriously, choosing Pepsi over Coke – or vice versa – is a major (or)deal. Why, we aren’t really sure. Though more often than not, the standard arguments are that one tastes better than the other; one is fizzier than the other; one is sweeter than the other; and so on. We’ve heard them all, and we’ve even said them all. All for our favourite brand of Cola, which by the way is an ambiguous word that stands for both Pepsi and Coca Cola. Anyhoo, which brand of the noir beverage are you loyal too? Pepsi or Coke? Vote below!

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