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Domino’s Overtakes McDonald’s In India’s Food Services Sector


Little less than four years ago, US-based Domino’s Pizza was lagging behind McDonald’s in the profitable food services industry in India. With more people preferring pizzas to burgers, Domino’s has nearly doubled its size to the US-based burger chain, McDonald’s, according to Economic Times. Domino’s current 16 percent market share in India’s food service industry which is worth nearly Rs. 1 lakh crore is the highest it has been in years. McDonald’s market share is down 350 points, 7.4 percent, since 2012, according to a Euromonitor report. 

Attraction Through Discounts

As the trend towards pizza chains are increasing, international brands such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut are attracting customers through social media platforms by offering discounts and special deals and through the ease of online ordering. Speaking about the chains’ initiatives, Shabori Das, senior research analyst at Euromonitor said, “The combined effort of discounted pricing, and the convenience of ordering online helped pizza fast food to grow the fastest with 52% growth in 2015.” 


Growing Pizza Chain 

According to Euromonitor, the pizza segment in the country has seen tremendous growth and it is expected to overtake the combined sales of burgers, chicken and ice-cream. The sales mark for the pizza chains will reach Rs. 10,000 crore by 202, according to the report. According to Dev Amritesh, president at Domino’s Pizza India, “More than innovation or novelty, it is the virtue of being relevant that is driving the entire pizza category.”


Burger Chains Keep Watch

Although pizza chains are expected to raise more revenue as compared to burger-chains, McDonald’s one of the leading burger chains in the country isn’t worried in the least. According to Amit Jatia, vice president of Westlife Development, master franchisee of McDonald’s, said, “McDonald’s is the largest western fast food player in India in terms of average volume per store and average customers per store. As per our internal research study, in the key cities that we operate in, we lead in the market share.” According to the report released by Euromonitor, more people are also preferring health conscious food choices such as Subway.