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Get ready To Dine In Hell At Gordon Ramsay’s New Vegas Restaurant!


They say Hell is the worst imaginable place with stuff like Satan boiling people in hot oil, fiery hot floors, and the works. But not when you’re in Gordon Ramsay’s version of hell! Of course, the acidic tongue makes up for pretty much everything but the end result is totally worth it, especially if you’re sitting on the other side of the kitchen door. What we’re trying to say is that Chef Ramsay is kicking off a new restaurant venture in Las Vegas, which will be based along the lines of his popular series Hell’s Kitchen.

Now, while this may not be the best news for his recruits, we’re more than excited about this new establishments, which will pop up in place of Stripside Café at Caesar’s Palace. The chef announced his new eatery via an Instagram post captioned “It’s official, #GRHellsKitchen is coming to @caesarspalace later this year!!!”

“I cannot tell you how excited I am, but more importantly, the position of that restaurant is going to be magnificent,” Ramsay said during the red carpet affair. “It’s going to be set like a studio, going to have the infamous red kitchen/blue ktichen… capturing that magic that has gone into 19 seasons of Hell’s Kitchen.”

We simply cannot wait to see just how many inspos the restaurant will draw from the brutal show! Will Ramsay be a monster in the kitchen as seen on Hell’s Kitchen, will customer be subjected to his wrath (you know, just for the feel of it), or will it all be roses & peaches? With already four Las Vegas restaurants, and his Pub & Grill at Caesar’s, this will be Ramsay’s fifth establishment in the city and second at Caesar’s.


Feature Image: Eater

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