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Gordon Ramsay Burns Twitter Users For Their Cooking, This Time It’s South Indian Food


Chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay is known across the globe for his acidic tongue. A fact that has been proven time and again, by his encounters with contestants on various TV shows. But little did we know that the acid sees no digital boundary!

Mashable recently pointed out a bunch of Twitter burns by Ramsay directed towards people who tried their hand at cooking and asked the chef for his opinion. Not only were the exchanges majorly bitter but Ramsay just went ahead and redefine savagery. Take a look.

Okay so maybe some of them asked for it. I mean will you look at this dish? Delicious as the individual foods may be, but in what twisted realm would Gordon Ramsay actually approve of this kind of plating?


And this downright gut-wrencher!

In his latest string of acidic tweets, Chef Ramsay dissed a plate of medu vada, sambar, and chutney, saying “I didn’t know you can tweet from prison”. OUCH. For the uninitiated, prison food is supposed to be the epitome of bad food. 

That said, Ramsay does seem to be a softie towards some. Or maybe just on days he’s not fighting buffaloes. The man genuinely does have a beep-free encouraging side as well. Case in point.

Basically, Gordon Ramsay can be tough as a brick or soft as cotton candy. Just pick your day well!


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