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Get The Best Of Both Worlds With Hot And Cold Pizzas At California Pizza Kitchen


Here’s a scenario we’re sure you’re all familiar with. You and your friends visit a nice pizza place for dinner and inevitably end up ordering way more than you can eat. So, you ask the kindly waiter to parcel up the leftovers. You come home, stick them in the fridge and slip into a happy, satiated sleep.

The next morning, you wake up and remember the cold pizza slices that now sit in your fridge. The thought pulls you out of bed and towards the fridge. After a nice breakfast of cold pizza, your mood for the day is set.

Cold Pizza For The Win?

Many people agree that cold pizza tastes just as good, if not better than hot pizza. Dr Maureen Cooper, a Scottish university chemistry lecturer has even gone so far as to suggest a scientific reason behind the phenomena; it has to do with the way that the pizza base and the fibres in the pizza dough work together to ensure that while the cheese becomes cold the dough remains crisp.


Despite science providing proof that cold pizza is in fact awesome, while nibbling on a slice of it we sometimes begin to suffer from ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ ordeal. We remember what the pizza tasted like when it was hot, when the cheese was melting and when the pizza sauce was beautifully warm.

The Best of Both Worlds

If that sounds like something that may happen (or has happened in the past), we’ve got the answer to all your pizza troubles. The best of both worlds. Hot and cold pizzas. A genius idea. While the pizzas are baked the regular way in the oven, and then spread with warm pizza sauce, they are then topped with a collection of cold ingredients, from cold cuts to salads. The pizza crust remains crisp and warm, but the toppings are deliciously cold creating a brilliant contrast in your mouth.


Sound great in theory right? Move past theorising and head to California Pizza Kitchen which is leading the hot and cold pizza bandwagon with three delicious pizzas on its menu; the Californian Club Pizza, the Tostada Pizza and the Greek pizza. We sampled each of the pizzas and were delighted by the concept.

Californian Club Pizza


A warm base was heaped with a pile of lettuce and mayonnaise that was blended with delicious, crispy pieces of bacon and strips of chicken. Spread on top of the pizza, adding to the unique hot and cold contrast was a large dollop of guacamole.

Tostada Pizza


Once again, a crispy thin warm crust was topped with a sumptuous black bean sauce. The Mexican theme was carried through in strips of tostada that were crispy, yet cool. A side of salsa was spread over the pizza giving it an extra kick.

Greek Pizza


A Greek salad on top of a pizza? Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, it was. Chilled, soft vegetables mixed with spicy chicken topped the pizza creating a beautiful contrast with the crisp crust.

Hot and cold pizzas are yet to become a food trend. But, we suggest you head over to California Pizza Kitchen and try them out; you may be at the forefront of a new, exciting pizza revolution.