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McDonalds India Introduces Babyccino With Happy Meal


McDonalds India has added a nutritious drink to their Happy Meal which is a Babyccino. The drink contains chocolate and milk according to a press release by the fast food chain and will be available as a beverage option at all West and South outlets that house a McCafé.

Babyccino And Happy Meal

The press release further talks about how the Babyccino will be a wholesome beverage for kids as they enjoy their Happy Meal. “At McDonald’s we are constantly working towards introducing nutritive and wholesome menu offerings,” said Seema Arora Nambiar, Senior Vice President – Strategy, Innovation & Capability, and McDonald’s India. “Addition of Babyccino to Happy Meal is one such step. McDonald’s menu innovations are in line with what our consumers want. Our research showed that consumers, specifically mothers, wanted a milk beverage as an option for Happy Meal. Babyccino filled in that gap beautifully.”