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Gordon Ramsay & James Corden Hosted MasterChef Junior Junior For Toddlers!


Chef Gordon Ramsay is synonymous with the globally popular cooking competition, that is, MasterChef. Ramsay, who is an indispensable part of the panel, also started MasterChef Junior for younger culinary wonders. However, these weren’t enough for the chef as he along with Late Late Show hot James Corden have now launched a new show called MasterChef Junior Junior for even younger (read, toddlers) chefs.

That’s right, in a recent episode of the Late Late Show, the two donned on crisp chef coats and a stellar appetite to judge some super talented tots, who cooked everything from toy cars to play doh, And staying true to their job, the two judges ate and gave their verdict on everything.

The supposed trailer for the show kicks off with six tiny chefs ready to take the kitchen by storm, which is followed by a ton of fist dunking in sauce jars, toppling over utensils, destroying the counter top, dragging things across the kitchen, and pretty much everything you can expect from less that 5 year olds.

Of course, the whole thing is only a sketch but Ramsay and Corden managed to make it all look a hundred per cent legit complete with the former’s curt remarks and fiery comments fired towards the six mini contestants. Take a look at the MasterChef Junior Junior clip below.


Feature Image: YouTube | The Late Late Show with James Corden

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