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Head To Cafe Felix For Some Smashing Avocado Toast, Milkshakes, Cocktails and Continental Cuisine


Cafe Felix is the answer to every foodie’s prayers. Brought to Bengaluru by Rishad Nathani of Breadbox Hospitality and his team: Chef Nitin Kulkarni and Shreya Shanbhag, known for the ultra uber The Clearing House in Mumbai, and I have no doubt that Cafe Felix will be as much of a success here in Bengaluru.

Located on the 5th floor of 1MG Mall (where Blimey used to be), Shreya has completely transformed the space. It has a bright bistro ambience with adorable booths, long tables and even a handy reading lounge for waiting customers. Check out their rustic looking chalkboard that will give you an idea of the delicious dishes in store for you.

The menu at Cafe Felix is the perfect combination of all the old bistro classics as well as all the healthy hipster foodie’s favourite dishes. Honestly (even though you’ll know how I feel about this avocado craze), their Avocado Toast blew my mind, it was perfectly seasoned and the feta cheese combined with the wisps of vegetables made for the perfect balance.

For all those healthy food fanatics out there, you’ll find that Cafe Felix should really be your new go-to place in the area. Try out their fresh juices, quinoa dishes, fresh salads and healthy burgers will blow your mind with how seriously delicious it all is, along with being calorie conscious and good for you!

The Avocado Chocolate Milkshake is an absolute must try – it’s such a brilliant combination that even my healthy food hating significant other enjoyed it! Pair it with the Pork Belly Panini, the pork has been braised for 36 hours to absolute perfection.

For all the jerk chicken lovers out there, the Jerk Spiced Tandoor Roasted Chicken was a revelation. It was recommended by our waiter, who was absolutely lovely and attentive throughout, and it really hit the spot. The crunch of the perfectly seasoned (I jest not) chicken skin combined with the creamy mash was to die for.

The Risotto was some of the best I’ve had in the city, but the cucumber jalapeno martini was what really blew me away. The perfect balance of tang and a kick of spice in this cocktail will definitely cause you to go over to the spicy side.

Husna Jumani, Pastry Chef at Cafe Felix, literally (no, I’m not exaggerating) makes all your dessert dreams come true. I had one of the best bread puddings I’ve ever had (apart from mum’s of course). The Cookie Dough Skillet is a dish that I would go all the way to 1MG just to have. They actually bake the cookie right before they serve it, so you get the sweet goo of the inside of the cookie combined with the crunch of the top combined with vanilla ice cream and Nutella… pure perfection.

Go to Cafe Felix for the flavoursome food, but stay for their cocktails, ambience, service and desserts – you heard it here first!

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