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Here’s How You Can Make Kylie Jenner’s Cinnamon Roll Waffles


Kylie Jenner has successfully established her cooking prowess on social media. Whether it’s cooking a gorgeous meal for beau Tyga or whipping up a breakfast of the champions, Jenner has always delighted her followers. In yet another Snapchat reveal, the socialite lets out a quick waffle-making trick, which according to her is “really simple, but really good”. And it’s not your good ol’ plain waffle, it’s a super fancy cinnamon roll waffle.

As the name hints, this waffle recipe has something to do with cinnamon rolls. In fact, it has everything to do with the rolls, because all Jenner’s breakfast waffle hack involves is putting a chunk of Pillsbury’s cinnamon roll in her waffle maker. She’s right, because it is super simple yet a brilliant way to whip up a quick and delicious breakfast. Take a look!

Are you into this breakfast hack? Then take a look at the instructions below as Jenner breaks it down for you!

  1. Let your waffle maker heat up and then lightly spray it with non-stick oil. Next, open your can of cinnamon rolls and put aside the icing that comes with it for later.
  2. Take one of the rolls and place it in the center of the waffle maker and close it. (You could put more than one roll in at a time, but just keep in mind they’ll probably cook together into one giant waffle—which might be a good thing, LOL.) Let it cook for about 3 to 4 minutes, depending on how brown you like your waffles. Repeat this process until you’ve made as many waffles as you like.
  3. Drizzle the icing all over your waffles and enjoy!

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