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Justin Bieber’s Used Milk Glass Being Auctioned On E-Bay


When it comes to collectors items, and memorabilia, smart investors look at buying low and selling high. The Bieber-fever epidemic has reached a new level of craziness with his, belieb it or not, unwashed milk glass being auctioned at no less than $81,000.

Incase you’re wondering, Justin Bieber was recently on a tour at UK where he dined at the King’s Oak Hotel in Essex. enterprising employee snatched the cup to sell on eBay. He or she told the full, brief story on the item’s product listing:
“I work at the kings oak hotel where Justin Bieber was seen yesterday having dinner and we kept his milk glass. It hasn’t been washed!”

It was posted at starting price of £10 ($12.28), and has since received 86 bids. As of a few days ago, the current highest bid stands at a casual £65,900.00 ($81,000).

The auction is to close on Friday, and we wonder how much this “rare collector’s item” will go for! Oh, and just a thought: for how long can you possibly not wash a glass that contained milk, and get away with no smell or rotting matter?