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Kareena Kapoor Unveils Magnum Ice Cream’s New Flavour; Magnum Brownie


Celebrities and ice cream seem to be a popular pairing lately; while a couple of days ago Alia Bhatt was signed on as Cornetto’s brand ambassador, Kareena Kapoor was just spotted promoting Magnum Ice cream’s latest flavour – Magnum Brownie.

The Launch

The launch took place a few days ago at Mumbai’s High Street Phoenix, during which Kapoor unwrapped the ice cream and savoured it on stage. Check out the following video from Bollywood Cutting.

She also describes the almost sensuous experience of eating an ice cream:

Finally, she garnered a few laughs sharing that her husband, Saif Ali Khan also loves himself some Magnum, and she has to caution him to stop eating once he’s had two.

Kapoor has been the brand ambassador for Magnum since 2013 and has stared in a variety of ads and launches related to the product.

The Advertisement

To promote the new flavour, Magnum will be broadcasting TVCs featuring Kapoor across a variety of mediums including YouTube. Here’s a look at the ad:

As you could probably tell, the ice cream is brownie flavoured, covered with Belgian chocolate ice cream (drool) and then topped with cashew nuts. Sounds tempting? Head out and grab one, and hope that you look half as good as Kapoor does eating it.