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Have A Look At Jamie Oliver’s 10,000 Calorie Christmas Feast


Celebrity Chef and YouTube sensation may not be popular for his paella, but sure is a man who is looked up to for healthy eating. If his health drives to reduce obesity amongst children is anything to go by, the man probably consumes a flawlessly nutritious diet that doesn’t go a single calorie over the recommended 2,500 calories. With one exception, of course. Christmas.

Oliver recently announced the launch of his holiday cookbook titled ‘Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook’, and we can’t be blamed expecting anything but healthy nibbles. But the chef surprised everyone with rather indulgent recipes sprawled across the hardbound manuscript with the chef’s yuletide menu spiking up to a whopping 7,000 calories per person, with another 3,000 if you count the leftover recipes. Not that we were planning on a non-glutinous Christmas feast, but 10,000 calories is a little more than just glutinous!

jamie-oliver-coockbookImage: Independent

The recipes featured in the cookbook for the seven-course Christmas dinner menu includes some stellar dishes like turkey wrapped with rashers of salty bacon (898 calories), creamed spinach with cheddar and oat crumble (347) calories and Christmas pudding (627 calories). Now, all this is okay if you plan on inviting Dwayne Johnson or even Michael Phelps, because otherwise do you realise how much 10,000 calories actually mean? Take a look at the full menu for a better idea of what the 41-year-old is really talking about:

Two festive bellinis (310 calories)

Smoked salmon blinis (280)
Baked camembert rosemary rolls (270)

Prawn cocktail (451)

Turkey with rashers of salty bacon, and a sage and onion flavoured butter (898)
Gravy (231)
Balsamic roast potatoes (307)
Roasted parsnips (170)
Pumpkin puree with marshmallows and maple syrup (107)
Brussels sprouts (115)
Red onion gratin (160)
Pigs in blankets ‘gone crazy’ (440)
Baked bread sauce (241)
Creamed spinach with cheddar and oat crumble (347)
Meat stuffing (429)
All washed down with two glasses of Party Prosecco (390)

Christmas pud (627)
Chocolate Pots for the kids/big kids who don’t like Christmas pudding (441)
Cheeseboard and mince pies (894)
Coffee and truffles (304)

Total: 7,412

Yule log (397)

Crispy camembert parcels (600)
Toad in the hole (965)
Double chocolate ‘Badass
Brownies’ (300)
A final Party Prosecco (190)

And with the last bite of that party prosecco, you would’ve consumed 9,864 calories. Did someone say Christmas indulgence?

Source: Daily Mail

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