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Fast Food

How many calories would you burn if?


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are moments when the fear of looking fat in a dress can’t stop you from gobbling down junk food. All those ‘diet motivational quotes’ go right down the drain when your eyes latch onto delicious, fattening food.

Even the worst crimes can be redeemed, but at a price. Read carefully, here are the punishments for your calorific misconducts.

1. It may have been due to a rare moment of weakness, but you still said ‘Yes’ to a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Calorie count:

290 calories.


There is no point sobbing now. You can get creative with the way you want to burn off those calories. 60 minutes of fast dancing or 90 minutes of vigorous cleaning of the house will let go off those pesky calories.

not a slice of pepperoni pizza

2. ‘You didn’t eat those doughnuts, you say?’ The chocolate sauce just happened to jump off those doughnuts and plaster itself all over your mouth. I understand.

Calorie Count:

260 calories


Assuming you had only one, 25 minutes of energetic running ought to rectify the problem. Go and make your gym teacher proud!

doughnuts and calories

3. Ate a whole bar of chocolate? Didn’t bother to share?

You’re in trouble now.

Calorie Count:

200 calories


Since you didn’t share the calories, the price to get rid of those calories will be to climb up and down two flights of stairs continuously for 13 minutes.

tempting chocolate

4. It’s a cause for celebration so it is understood that you had no other choice but to gobble down the cake with a guilty conscience.

Calorie Count:

312 calories


50 minutes of hiking or 45 minutes of grooming the yard, the price has to be paid.

slice of cake

5. Are you sure you’re on a diet? Then why did you eat that hot fudge sundae?

That’s right. I was watching.

Calorie Count:

392 calories


Throw your regrets aside and prepare yourself for a 75 minutes of workout in spinning class. Hope the sundae was worth it.

hot fudge sundae

6. ‘Mom forgot to cook at home today. I was helpless. I had to eat the cheeseburger. It was for mere sustenance!’

Calorie Count:

313 calories (For a single patty)


Sprout all the excuses you want, but you got greedy, didn’t you? 30 minutes of sincere kick-boxing will definitely box those calories off.

single patty burger

7. ‘When did you have the fries?’

‘With the burger.’

Calorie Count:

427 calories


If you really want to repent for your crime, 40 minutes on the elliptical machine is your way out.

fries and clories

8. Make way for the heavy weight champion. If you’ve eaten the lasagna, be sacred. Be very, very sacred.

Calorie Count:

334 calories per 100 grams


Well, this can be fun. Not.

Run 7 miles on the treadmill. If you’ve eaten more, run more.

champion lasagna

9. Hiding in a corner and praying to God won’t undo the damage. If you’ve eaten a plate of delicious pasta, you better have the guts to take matters into your own hands.

Calorie Count:

371 calories per 100 grams


5 hours of slow jogging without complaining.

stop pasta