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If Micheal Jackson had been a chef


1. He would have been fat. Not necessarily because he would have been a chef, but because it’s food! Who can resist?

If MJ were a chef

2. Weird Al would have been put out of business because he would have made ‘Eat it’ and ‘Who’s fat?’ music videos himself.

weird Al shocked

3. Billie Jean? Don’t you mean ‘Billy bean’? The story of a bean that was boiled but pretended to be fried so that you would eat it.

billy bean

4. The people who looked up to him would have also ended up as chefs. That list includes Usher, Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown.

Justin Timberlake parody

5. Moonwalk? Isn’t that a power walk organized by Walk and Walk? Cool, let’s make a list of things you should eat before a moonwalk.

MJ moonwalk parody

6. He would have been a Masterchef Judge.

Gordon Ramsay parody

7. His ‘dangerous’ cooking techniques would have impressed everyone and he would have made ‘history’.

MJ parody

8. His store would have been named ‘Thriller’.

thriller parody

9. Micheal Jackson, The King of Pop; Pop tarts.

MJ pop tarts parody