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Here’s A Glimpse Of India’s Top 5 Celebrity Chefs


  1. Manish Mehrotra

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    The master of creating memorable flavours runs one of the best restaurants of the world – Indian Accent. He creates innovative sophisticated dishes that touch your food soul. He has changed the way we eat Indian food by turning popular home recipes into gourmet dishes without sacrificing the roots of the flavours. He is the most influential chef of our generation.

  2. Manu Chandra

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    He is the chef and partner of Olive Bar and Kitchen that owns nine brands including Toast and Tonic, Fatty Bao and Monkey Bar. While he is quite a private person, awkward in gatherings and substantial get-togethers, huge numbers of which definitely occur in his restaurants, he is sufficiently cosmopolitan to keep visitors bolted to one-on-one conversations.

  3. Ritu Dalmia

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    She is the undisputed queen of Italian cooking in India, sourcing the best ingredients and being on top of the cooking and running of her restaurants. She also has a restaurant in Milan, Cittamani, which serves Indian-Italian food.

  4. Vikramjit Roy

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    He is often called a magician for the way he mixes flavours and creates gastronomical delights. He has opened Tian and Wasabi in Delhi. His style of ‘modern Asian’ is widely appreciated.

  5. Naren Thimmaiah

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    He is the master of all foods South Indian. He reigns over Karavalli – India’s best South India coastal food restaurant in Bengaluru at the Taj Gateway and had worked here for more than 25 years.