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Oreo Thins’ New Flavours Will Leave You Dreamy Eyed! #POLL


Back in 2015, when cookie giant Oreo released its variant, Oreo Thins, people were a little double-minded – and even torn – about picking sides and debating on whether they liked the classic sandwich cookie more or the new thin and crispy variety. Alas, Oreo Thins turned out to be as crunchy as promised and the Oreo-verse stood somewhat divided.

While Oreo Thins gave its consumers the satisfaction of the extra crunch in the crispy sandwich cookie, regular Oreo eaters were bombarded with one exciting flavor after the other like Cinnamon Bun, Peeps, Swedish Fish, Strawberry Chocolate, Key Lime, and lets not forget the innumerable tie-ups with Cadbury’s. Meanwhile, Oreo Thins was limited to the original three flavours, classic, mint, and golden. But not anymore!

Instagram handle ‘The Junk Food Aisle’ recently made a huge reveal via one of its posts. The account featured a picture of mock packages of two new Oreo Thins flavours! And what are these much-awaited new additions to the Oreo Thins family? Well, the first of the new Thins are Coconut Creme, which will feature the classic chocolate cookies with a coconut flavored cream center. The second addition to the Oreo Thins family is Salted Caramel. And going by the Instagram upload, the latter will feature golden Oreo Thins with a salty sweet caramel-flavored cream filling.

So there you have it, two MORE new flavours to stuff your backpacks with this summer. Which one are you more excited for? Vote below and let us know!

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