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The Sri Ram Mandir Ward Mid-Day Meal Turns Non Vegetarian With Rat Sambar


Whenever I go for a meal, I know that the smallest thing can put me off. If I find a hair in my dish it’s game over, and I’m pretty sure many of you would feel the same (some of my friends act as if they’ve survived a near-death experience.) However, what happened in Bangalore today was so much more traumatic. A dead rat was found floating in the sambar served at the Bisi Oota meal at the Sri Ram Mandir in Bengaluru. The meal, which was served to

The meal, which was served to pourakarmikas, had a large black rat floating around in the dish. The food served to the workers at the ward was stored in a small room nearby. The rat sambar was brought to the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) health office for inspection. Unfortunately, when asked, the city mayor, G Padmavathi dismissed the issue and said that the rat was small which left the 30000 workers aghast.

The workers of the Sri Ram Mandir ward are served food that is supplied by the ISKCON temple. Understandably, the workers were nauseated when they found the dead rat floating in their mid-day meal. The issue was brought to the notice at the BBMP council meet, and the dish was also examined by the health officers. This incident took place at the beginning of the week, but the city authorities have not given the incident much importance.

Councillor of the Sri Ram Mandir ward, Deepa Ganesh said that she was informed about the incident and immediately informed the health authorities. “There was a large black rat inside the vessel. Officials should examine the complete chain of delivery to ensure such mistakes do not repeat.” Ms Ganesh said.

G Padmavathi admitted to receiving the complaint, “It (the rat) could not have got into the sambar at the cooking stage, but while the food was being transported. We will look into the matter,” he said. This is not the first time that such an incident has taken place. Less than a month ago a rat was found in the vessel where Bisi Bele Bath for the workers was stored. This clearly makes people question the state of the quality of the meals provided to the workers and the callous attitude of the authorities is certainly disheartening.

This is a clear indication of the state of the quality of the meals provided to the workers. In addition to this, the callous attitude of the authorities is certainly disheartening.

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